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eTeenChat.Com - Help Chat

eTeenChat.Com's Help Chat is a live support channel for website or chat-related technical assistance. It is NOT for personal or life related questions! We also love to hear comments and suggestions about the eTeenChat.Com chat service. So come on in, ask your question in the main channel, and wait patiently for a eTeenChat.Com administrator to respond. All you have to do, is just follow the below simple instructions to join the Help Chat:
  • Wait approximately 30-60 seconds for the Java applet below to load
  • Enter your nickname in the nickname box and click the "Connect" button
  • Wait a few seconds to connect, then enter your message in the white text box
  • Hit "Enter" on your keyboard after you type your message, and BOOM! You are chatting!

Also, we would love it if you took the time to invite friends to eTeenChat.Com!

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